Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Turkey Burger Salad

A lot of my recent recipes came to be during my Whole30 so you will probably continue to hear about Whole30 this and Whole30 that but it is a pretty awesome program so I am ok with it.

I fell in love with making sliders out of turkey and using sweet potatoes as the buns. It was so good that I didn’t miss the carbs and actually now chose to make my sliders the same as I had been.

I had fully intended to make sliders the night of this salad but I had some lettuce  & corn I got in my Farm Fresh to You Box  (use code: JESI7564 if you sign up) that I really wanted to use so I made some changes to my normal sliders.

I used the following for two servings:

·         Sweet Potatoes (1 medium/large)
·         Ground Turkey (1/2 pound)
·         Spicy Flavor God (a mixture of chili powder, garlic powder and onion powder would be a good substitute if you haven’t gotten on the Flavor God train yet)
·         Lettuce
·         Avocado
·         Corn
·         Cucumber
·         Caramelized Onion (1 small white onion)
·         Cheese slices

I started by slicing the sweet potatoes ½” thick. I baked them on a perforated pan in a 400 degree oven for 45 minutes total.  I like to flip them half way through but it is not necessary as long as the pan is perforated.

While the sweet potatoes baked I sliced and caramelized the onions. I season the onion with salt, pepper and garlic powder. I cook my onions in olive oil and butter as I think they turn out better and with more flavor. I also cook my corn in the microwave for 3-4 minutes while the onions go so it can cool a bit before I cut it.

After the onions cooked I sat them aside until I was ready for them and worked on the turkey. When I buy turkey at the store I always end up splitting the package in half and freezing it. For my house it is the perfect serving size since we are not the best about leftovers. I season my turkey patties with Spicy Flavor god but a mixture of chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper and some cumin is my backup go to. I formed slider size patties and cooked in the same pan I cooked the onions in. When they were close to done I added the cheese on top and let the cheese melt. I then sat aside the cooked patty.

I typically work on this step while my turkey cooks. I piled some romaine on a plate and then added the corn I cut off the cob, cucumber slices and then I add the caramelized onions to the salad. I diced the sweet potatoes and then top with the cooked patty.

For the dressing I like to use a greek yogurt ranch, thousand island or my latest obsession is the el torito Cilantro Pepita Caesar Dressing (that is what is pictured here).

This was a winner, I loved it, Nico loved it and it is much healthier than the sliders I used to make all the time… so that to me is a win! Not that my old sliders aren’t super tasty but we are trying to turn a new healthier leaf and that means limited carb intake for the time being.

I hope you enjoy this recipe!
Stay Crafty!


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