Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fresh Pasta with Heirloom Tomato Salami Sauce

I recently took a class at Sur La Tab to learn how to make pasta. I had watched enough food network to know it isn’t totally complicated. It really is pretty easy to do it just takes time and effort and if you have time and are willing to make an effort it it totally worth it.

The Sur la Table recipe goes like this:
·         2½ cups (12½ ounces) all-purpose flour or “00” flour, plus more for dusting
·         1 tablespoon kosher salt
·         4 large eggs
·         1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

You can find it here.

I think Sur la Tab’s directions are the best but it is to add your flour and salt to a bowl. Create a well in the middle of the flour. Add the eggs to the well. Start to scramble the eggs in the center and slowly start to incorporate flour in. You can do this with your hands or with a fork. Once you get a dough start kneading. It is best to use your palms. Once the flour is all incorporated, wrap in plastic and let rest for 10ish minutes.
I had a slight idea for a recipe going into this but I really didn’t know what I planned to do with the pasta once I had it made. I also had been watching Food Network all morning and felt super creative. I also had gotten my Farm Fresh Box a few days earlier as well.

Now the meat I used was leftover from a charcuterie plate I made for our picnic the day before. I had about half a pack of prosciutto and half a stick of salami left. And conveniently enough they were both ingredients I had seen Giada use earlier in the morning so it sounded like a great base for my pasta dish. 

I used:
Heirloom tomatoes 3-4 medium/large diced
Diced Salami
Sweet Peppers sliced
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper
Pasta- fresh or store bought... up to you!
Grated Parmesan

I made the fresh pasta and set it aside while I diced all my ingredient. At this point you want to start boiling a large pot of water.

After I diced everything I was ready to roll out my pasta. I have a hand crank system and prepped it all on my counter. I also prepped a baking sheet dusted with corn meal to set my pasta on.

The rolling is where you need to take a lot of time and I recommend visiting the link above to read the directions there or finding a video on you tube. I didn’t have very many extra hands last time or I would have tried to make a video.

After all my pasta was rolled out I worked on my sauce.

I started by heating some olive oil- generous 4/5 tablespoons in a large skillet. I added in the salami and the prosciutto. I allowed the meat to crisp up a bit and added in the garlic, tomatoes and sweet peppers. Once the tomatoes cooked down I added in 3 tablespoons of butter just to give me more of a sauce to mix with my pasta.

The fresh pasta only takes about 2 minutes to cook in boiling water and I scooped the pasta straight from the water into my pan and tossed it all together. The extra water mixed in with the pan sauce creates a nice light sauce for your pasta to soak up. Oh and top with grated Parmesan.. because cheese is amazing. 

It was pretty dang good and I cannot wait to try some more fresh pasta creations!

Stay Crafty!


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Turkey Burger Salad

A lot of my recent recipes came to be during my Whole30 so you will probably continue to hear about Whole30 this and Whole30 that but it is a pretty awesome program so I am ok with it.

I fell in love with making sliders out of turkey and using sweet potatoes as the buns. It was so good that I didn’t miss the carbs and actually now chose to make my sliders the same as I had been.

I had fully intended to make sliders the night of this salad but I had some lettuce  & corn I got in my Farm Fresh to You Box  (use code: JESI7564 if you sign up) that I really wanted to use so I made some changes to my normal sliders.

I used the following for two servings:

·         Sweet Potatoes (1 medium/large)
·         Ground Turkey (1/2 pound)
·         Spicy Flavor God (a mixture of chili powder, garlic powder and onion powder would be a good substitute if you haven’t gotten on the Flavor God train yet)
·         Lettuce
·         Avocado
·         Corn
·         Cucumber
·         Caramelized Onion (1 small white onion)
·         Cheese slices

I started by slicing the sweet potatoes ½” thick. I baked them on a perforated pan in a 400 degree oven for 45 minutes total.  I like to flip them half way through but it is not necessary as long as the pan is perforated.

While the sweet potatoes baked I sliced and caramelized the onions. I season the onion with salt, pepper and garlic powder. I cook my onions in olive oil and butter as I think they turn out better and with more flavor. I also cook my corn in the microwave for 3-4 minutes while the onions go so it can cool a bit before I cut it.

After the onions cooked I sat them aside until I was ready for them and worked on the turkey. When I buy turkey at the store I always end up splitting the package in half and freezing it. For my house it is the perfect serving size since we are not the best about leftovers. I season my turkey patties with Spicy Flavor god but a mixture of chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper and some cumin is my backup go to. I formed slider size patties and cooked in the same pan I cooked the onions in. When they were close to done I added the cheese on top and let the cheese melt. I then sat aside the cooked patty.

I typically work on this step while my turkey cooks. I piled some romaine on a plate and then added the corn I cut off the cob, cucumber slices and then I add the caramelized onions to the salad. I diced the sweet potatoes and then top with the cooked patty.

For the dressing I like to use a greek yogurt ranch, thousand island or my latest obsession is the el torito Cilantro Pepita Caesar Dressing (that is what is pictured here).

This was a winner, I loved it, Nico loved it and it is much healthier than the sliders I used to make all the time… so that to me is a win! Not that my old sliders aren’t super tasty but we are trying to turn a new healthier leaf and that means limited carb intake for the time being.

I hope you enjoy this recipe!
Stay Crafty!


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Stuffed Prosciutto Chicken

Sometimes… Quite often actually I come up with my best food ideas at random or I just randomly start pulling stuff together from the fridge and it turns into a masterpiece.
That is how this chicken came to be.
I had just finished my Whole 30 and I wanted cheese and I had prosciutto and chicken on hand and thought hmm wouldn’t it be super tasty to include all of that into one thing?!
Well of course it would be and that is how the Stuffed Prosciutto chicken came to be! And now that it has come to be I cannot wait to try other variations with different stuffing ideas!

I used:
Chicken Breasts (butterflyed out… or you can pound them thin but I prefer to cut the breast into thin pieces)
Parmesan Cheese (or cheese of choice… mozzarella would be awesome)
Garlic Powder

When I cook chicken I like it to be thinner and well the breast I buy are super thick that normally 1 breast can be two meals for me so I cut them in half width wise to half two nice sized pieces of chicken.

I took my piece of chicken and laid them flat on a board. I seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic flavor god (garlic powder and Italian seasoning are a good substitute).
After the chicken was seasoned I put a stick of parmesan on the chicken and rolled the chicken together. I secured the chicken by wrapping it with a piece of prosciutto and placing it on the pan seam side down.
After I had all my chicken rolled I place the pan into a 400 degree oven for 15-20 minutes. The chicken should be thin enough to be cooked in that amount of time, adjust time as necessary.
I served my chicken over a spaghetti squash pasta mixture aka Spaghetti squash cooked and mixed with pasta sauce and a little garlic and basil.
This chicken was so good… I cannot wait to try it again with different cheeses stuffed inside.
Hope you enjoy!
Stay Crafty!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

DIY Customized Cups

I think I may of mentioned it before but in case I did not... I got a Cricut Explorer this last year and well I am obsessed. I have used it so much and it has seriously been the most used gift I have ever gotten.

I have been making a lot of DIY shirts using Iron- On Vinyl… but I am still testing which companies Iron- On I find to be the best, please leave any suggestions you have!

So what I am sharing today is a DIY Gift. Everyone drinks water and for me I find the reusable cups with the straws helps me to drink more water during the day. I also know I reuse these cups when I play softball tournaments for my “juice” So it was perfect when I had two birthdays coming up I needed to do something for and they are both people I play ball with.

I went to Costco to buy cups as I find they are the best deal… a 3pack for $21 instead of one for $12-14 is great. I have gotten so many reusable cups from Costco but this time they had these Contigo cups and OMG they are awesome. This cup is definitely my favorite and as an added bonus they are the shake and go tumblers and allow me to stir my juice without it leaking everywhere. Seriously the best tumbler I have found… but now that I got that rave out of the way I can get to what you are here for!

I have a stockpile of a lot of different craft supplies and my latest obsession with the cricut means I have all different types of vinyl, paper, etc. This included permanent vinyl. I felt permanent vinyl would stand up longer to dishwashing, wear and tear and just be the better option. So far I have washed my cups each about 5 cycles in the dishwasher and they still look brand new. (Top Shelf dishwasher safe cups)

All I did was cut out various shapes with my permanent vinyl and secured it to my cups and I had a super cute customized gift that everyone loves.

But if you want to make it even cooler you can add stuff into the cup… I included the mini shots of alcohol and mixers in a bag so you can have your cup and your drink but that is up to you and depends on what kind of occasion you are celebrating!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have questions!

Stay Crafty!


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Peanut Butter Chocolate Oreo Cupcakes

I feel like a good recipe is one you come up with and everyone assumes it is from Pinterest.
That is exactly what happened with these cupcakes. See it all started when my friend and I did a crazy intense food cleanse and she had a craving for Reese’s, Oreos and chocolate cake. It also happened to be her birthday was right after we finished our cleanse and I was in a place to satisfy her cravings.

 First I started with the Hershey’s ChocolateCake Recipe because really it is so good and perfect I had to.  

I made a slight modification to the recipe below in adding coffee as well as boiling water to enhance the chocolate flavor. At least Ina Garten says it does.

·         2 cups sugar
·         1 ¾ cup all –purpose flour
·         ¾ cup cocao powder
·         1 ½ tsp baking powder
·         1 ½ tsp baking soda
·         1 tsp salt
·         2 eggs
·         1 cup milk
·         ½ cup vegetable oil
·         2 tsp vanilla
·         ½ cup boiling water
·         ½ cup boiling coffee

I mixed the batter and filled cupcake liners 2/3 of the way up. Before baking I added a mini Reese’s to each cupcake liner and allowed the cupcake to bake around it.

Bake for 22-25 minutes at 350

I found the Reese’s mostly sunk and stuck to the bottom but it got a little crunchy and was so dang good.

·         1 cup (8oz) whipping cream
·         1 container cool whip (normal size)
·         1 row of crushed oreos
·         ¼ cup powdered sugar
·         1 tsp vanilla

I start by pulverizing the cookies in a food processor until they are a fine crumb. Then work on the cream by adding the whipping cream, powdered sugar and vanilla to a stand mixer and whip the cream. Once the cream is sufficiently whipped I fold in the cool whip and oreos. I pipe the frosting onto the cupcakes and drizzle with melted peanut butter. To finish the look I place a mini oreo on top of the cupcake.
Now I have been making cupcakes for a while now and this was by far the most popular cupcake I have ever made.

I think that means it was liked, but it could mean something else.. the world may never know.

Stay Crafty!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

BBQ Ranch Deviled Eggs

Anyone remember 3 years ago 3.5 years ago when I wrote about BBQ Ranch Deviled Eggs?

Oh good you don’t cause I don’t either :/ well clearly I wrote about them but the picture was just so appetizing I felt like I needed to do it again, so I did!

I mean I was just so excited to share stuff back then no matter what the picture quality was.. Is that so wrong? Maybe.

Anyhow eggs are a good go to snack for me. I can easily prep hard boiled eggs on a Sunday in my handy egg cooker (thanks Mom!) and be set all week. Normal deviled eggs are great but BBQ Ranch deviled eggs are awesome.

You will need:

·         Hard boiled Eggs
·         Ranch
·         Pepper
·         Chopped Chives
·         BBQ Sauce of Choice.

1.       Peel, slice and separate the eggs.
2.       Add ranch and a generous helping of pepper to the yolks, mix until you get the consistency you desire. *The amount of ranch all depends on the number of eggs. For a small batch 6 or so eggs I use a large spoonful of ranch so about 1/4cup.  I think it is best to start with less than start with too much*
3.       Spoon yolk mixture into a pastry bag and pipe into the eggs.
4.       Using a pastry bag, squirt bottle or spoon drizzle BBQ sauce over the eggs. Sprinkle with chives and serve (or you can mix the chives into the yolk mixture but they need to be thinly sliced)

Stay Crafty!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Spring Rolls

Hey there!
I know it has been a while but if you were following me on Instagram (Craft GeekFit Foodie) either of my accounts you would now it has not been spent idly.

I have been cooking and crafting but I still work as well so I struggle in taking pictures of the projects that are pin worthy. I am working on taking better pictures but I failed, my bad.

But I do have an awesome recipe to share and hopefully once I get better at lighting pictures I will have more recipes to share!

I have been really trying to stick to a Paleo diet recently after completing a whole30 cleanse. I realized I felt much better during my cleanse and wanted to keep it up. However; I also am just a foodie and eat what I want.

I made spring rolls! It took me a long time to get around to making these because I was scared… a friend wrote a blog post about it and well she made it seem super simple so I gave it a go!
Guess what?! It is sooooooo easy. Like so easy it makes me laugh at myself for being scared to do it before.

The best part is you can make them with whatever you want.. I mean if you want to go more traditional there are traditional fillings but either way you can customize them.

I used:
·         Cooked Shrimp
·         Boston Lettuce
·         Cucumber (julienned)
·         Rainbow Carrots (julienned)
·         Cilantro (1 sprig)
·         Green Onion (green part length of spring roll)

·         2tbs Hoisin
·         1tbs melted peanut butter
·         1tsp Siracha

I found I had the most success if I used my Boston lettuce to wrap my julienned veggies first and then wrapped the spring rolls. The wrapping of the lettuce made it harder for the carrots to poke through the wrapper. Each shrimp I used was butterflied in half so one shrimp per roll.

The spring roll wrappers are just softened by sitting in water. I prepped a plate of water and a work area, while one softened I assembled the other. It was so easy and quick and just fun!

Place your wrapper on a plate, fill it and roll like a burrito. So quick and so easy.

I plan to make more spring rolls in my future and give different fillings a try. 

Until the next time, Stay Crafty!
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